CurePSP is a non-profit focusing on awareness, education, care, and cure for devastating “Prime of Life” neurodegenerative diseases. Their site focuses on providing help to patients and their families as well as being a hub for information and ongoing research into these illnesses, to which there is currently no cure. CurePSP also heavily relies on donations through their site to provide services for those in need and to fund further research.

My team at Carbone Smolan Agency and I were given the opportunity to design a new web experience for CurePSP. While their previous site provided an amazing array of information and services, that breadth was also their greatest weakness. Users were confronted with far too many options and information was spread across too many categories. After learning more about the potential visitors to the site, we were able to begin restructuring the wealth of information into just three end-goals: “I want to learn”, “I need support”, and “I want to help”.

By allowing users to quickly narrow the type of information they needed, starting with broad topics and allowing them to dive deeper where necessary, we delivered a system that felt clear and simple despite having hundreds of pages of content. Pages were built on a modular system, allowing the client full control over the content itself while still keeping a consistent look and feel. The color system we devised gives clear indications for navigation, and also gives us the opportunity to drive traffic to the Donation portion of “I Want to Help” by using the eye-catching red color across other sections of the site. is currently under development, but we are all excited to bring this experience to life and do our part to help find a cure.

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CurePSP Website Details


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