East of Eastlake


East of Eastlake is an independently-owned used bookstore located, as the name implies, on the east side of Eastlake Avenue in Seattle. The store is dedicated to providing a haven for city’s avid readers, giving people a place to escape their busy lives and dive into the diverse selection of used and like-new books that stock their shelves. This identity project seeks to give the bookstore a look and feel that matches their ethos through unique packaging and peripherals that invite thoughts of a story that takes place far-far-away.

The logo for East of Eastlake, featuring a flock of books taking flight, has two versions: one with their wordmark and one with only the logomark. The business card, which doubles as a bookmark, features a scene known mostly to those intimately familiar with the Eastlake scene: A solitary ropeswing that hangs overlooking Lake Union. The envelope is designed with an emblem placed over the seal, almost as if it were a lost letter from some distant, by-gone era, while the shopping bag is decorated along the bottom with the rolling, gentle waves of the lake.

East of Eastlake Logo

Eastlake Branding Package
East of Eastlake package design