Frito Lay + Macklemore

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When Frito Lay decided to launch a new snack based on an old ballgame favorite, it was our job at Rally to make sure it didn’t go unnoticed. Cracker Jack’D (get it?) is a pumped up and flavor-blasted snack aimed at the digitally oriented, short attention-spanned youth of today. And what better way to capture a few seconds of their time than to team up with hip-hop superstars Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to create a campaign that capitalizes on both social media and live events.

The campaign kicked off with a series of short “How-to” YouTube videos starring M&RL, focused on riveting topics such as “How to hold a cat” and “How to iron a shirt”. As bizarre and nonsensical as these videos may seem, their tongue-in-cheek style struck a chord with the ironic sensibilities of our demographic. In just a few days, the videos had over half a million views, tens of thousands of Facebook shares, and were featured on sites like Buzzfeed and Creativity Online.

From there we continued to draw on fan loyalty by promoting Cracker Jack’D at various live events, as well as utilizing M&RL’s popularity on social media to gain thousands of new followers.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Banner Ads for the How To videos by Cracker Jack'D and Macklemore
Cracker Jack'D Live Activation for Macklemore College Tour
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Live Event by Cracker Jack'D