The Hitchhiker’s Guide


Out of all the books I’ve read, the one most deserving of a redesign has been the wonderful Hitchhiker’s Guide. Douglas Adams is said to have absolutely hated the little green mascot that decorates most of the series’ dust jackets, but lost the battle with his publishers over it’s inclusion. I’d like to think that if Mr. Adams had a chance to see my redesign of his book, he’d find it much more acceptable. The jacket design takes on a more serious tone, but remains humorous as it takes the idea of “hitchhiking” to a cosmic level. Inside, each chapter is headed with a constellation that subtly hints at what’s to come.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – Book Cover
About page fold for Douglas Adams
Illustration for the HHGTTG
Illustration for the HHGTTG
Body text for the HHGTTG