McGiffin’s Scotch Ale


McGiffin’s Scotch Ale, a product of McGiffin’s Brewing Company, was looking to develop a strong package design reflect their unique brand. The goals were to give the beer a strong Scottish-themed identity that could be easily recognized on store shelves, as well as building an identity for the brewery. The McGiffin’s logo was designed using a modified Old English typeface, and a Scottish tartan pattern is used as a unifying element across the McGiffin’s brand. The character for Scotch Ale, “McGiffin”, is an original work created to give some personality and humor to the brand, and may be modified for use across other McGiffin’s products.

The packaging was made to be bright and bold to grab attention on store shelves, with colors and patterns that should be instantly recognizable from far away. “McGiffin” is holding up his beer looking the consumer right in the eye, as if to say “Well if ye can’t be a Scot, at least ye can drink like one!”

McGiffin's Scotch Ale Package Design
Coaster and Beercaps for McGiffin's Scotch Ale
McGiffin's Scotch Ale on tap at a bar.